Roadford Lake Play Area Project

We are excited to announce our plans to develop the play area here at Roadford Lake. We believe engaging with the natural environment enables people to grow and we want to help children connect with the outdoors and give them opportunities to play hide and seek in a woodland, go pond dipping or discover our wildlife.

Over 1 million children in the UK did not visit or rarely visited natural places in recent years. We have the opportunity to help more young people play outdoors, away from the distractions of modern technology.

Our Play and Explore campaign for Roadford Lake will provide a place for children and their families to play together and create special memories. We have now drawn up plans for an imaginative new play area which incorporates new play features in place of our existing provision and have expanded the area to make the most of access into nearby woodland and grassy areas. Our next step is to start the fundraising process and further the plans. SW Lakes has been successful in securing grants for play areas at Tamar Lakes and Siblyback Lake and will be looking into grant opportunities for Roadford. However, the plan for Roadford means that we also need to fundraise and collect letters of support to make this special project happen.

We need to raise at least £150,000 to make this happen. Can you help us to realise this ambition?

To find out more (including the draft plans), get involved or to donate, please visit South West Lakes Trust’s new website.